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Yesterday’s technology: Why spreadsheets don’t cut it anymore for managing a university’s accounts receivable.

For decades, spreadsheets made sense. They were a powerful way to compile large amounts of data. They even come pre-loaded with your office software bundle, so they’ve remained a mainstay at organizations, large and small. But spreadsheets have their limitations, and that’s why they’re a dying technology.

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by Lori Carbonara

Five Ways to Engage Students Who've Fallen Behind

When colleges go to recover past-due student accounts, the obstacles can seem overwhelming. But there are tactics that can increase your retention rate while maintaining a positive overall relationship with students. It all begins with a student-first customer service model.

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by Lori Carbonara

How Technology and Customer Service Boost Recovery

College costs more now than it ever did. Students are struggling to pay. Schools themselves are struggling with their own resources, which are funneled toward enrollment goals instead of financial aid offices. Some private schools are even discounting tuition in a bid to keep classrooms filled. When it comes to student account recovery, engaging with students is more important than ever.

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by Lori Carbonara


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