Our Loan Servicing System

Flexible enough to handle any loan or debt type in existence (ex: Perkins Loans, Health & Nursing Loans, Primary Care Loans, Institutional Loans, Private/Alternative Loans, Virtual Loans and your Delinquent Account Receivables), our loan servicing platform called “SAL” (which is an acronym for “Stand-A-Loan”) provides 24/7/365 system access with real-time processing for you and your staff.  Most importantly, SAL is a comprehensive and fully compliant student loan billing and collection system, which utilizes our state-of-the-art “Fund File” technology to store an electronic copy of all federal and/or institutional promissory note parameters to ensure accurate and compliant SAL System processing.


 Innovative and Flexible Billing & Repayment Options:

    US Postal Corrective Software Updates for Zip+4+2 Postal Pre-Sorts

    Paper Billing Statements, Electronic Billing Statements and/or Coupon Books

    Permanent and Temporary ACH Payment Options 4x's per Month

    On-Demand ACH Payments via eChecks

    On-Demand and Recurring Credit Card Payments via MasterCard, Discover and AMEX

    Fully integrated international payment capabilities via PeerTransfer


Fully Interactive and Integrated Borrower, Client & Collection Agency Websites:

    Release of Information Updates for FERPA Compliance

    Demographic Information Updates

    Flexible, Online, ACH and Credit Card Payment Options

    Banking Information Updates

    Electronic Billing Statements Uploaded Monthly and Stored Indefinitely

    Access to view "Current Account Balance Information” (ex: Payoff Information, History, etc.)

    Access to view Electronic Tax Forms (ex: 1098-E and 1098-T Forms)*

    Entitlement Form Download Capabilities for Deferments, Cancellations, etc.

    Complete Online Entrance Interviews, Regulation Z Disclosures & eSign Promissory Notes *

    Complete Online Exit Interviews *

    Review Electronic Disclosure Statements *


Comprehensive Collection Tools:

    (17) Borrower Search Options: SSN, SID#, Email Address, Phone #, Maiden Name, etc.

    Fully Customized Auto Agency Placement & Retraction Module

    "4-Click" Manual Agency Account Placement Options

    All Agency Placements uploaded to our Collection Agency Website within 24 hrs.

    Fully Integrated Collection Module for In-House Collection Departments

    Automatic Tickler Review System with "Next Step" Options


Fully Integrated Document Writer:

    Instantly create (999) Custom Letters via MS Word Merge-Field Technology

    Instantly create Exit Interviews, LVC Forms, Government Assignment Forms, etc.

    Automatic Audit Trail Memo Creation, Letter Fee Assessment & Tickler Review Date Options


Standard and Custom Interface Options:

    Award Files for Online Entrance Counseling & ePromissory Note Creation

    eSigned Prom Note Response Files to automatically ‘release disbursements” within your Financial Aid System

    New Loan & Advance Files for Borrower Account Creation

    Demographic File Updates for Student ID#s and School Email Addresses

    Registration & Graduation Exit File Matches for automated “Borrower Separations”

    In-School Student Deferment Processing through the National Student Clearinghouse

    Monthly NSLDS Reporting

    Holds & Releases on Transcripts based on Delinquency and Unsigned Exit Interviews

    State Tax Offset Files


Standard and Custom Management Reports:

In an effort to meet every client’s needs, Heartland ECSI is the only servicer that offers unlimited report flexibility.  At your request, we’re willing to create and/or customize any new (or existing) Management Report to meet your specific reporting needs. When desired, all reports may be run in ‘real-time’ or customized according to your specific field and layout requirements, sort and sequence criteria, and report frequency.  Most importantly, every Management Report is uploaded and stored on Heartland ECSI’s secure Client Website and is instantly available in MS Excel and PDF Formats, when needed.



School Contact Info

General Support 1.800.437.6931

Loan Servicing 1.888.549.3274

Student / Borrower Contact Info

Tuition Payment Plans 1.866.927.1438

Refunds 1.855.250.3230

Tax Documents 1.866.428.1098

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Heartland Payment Systems Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA, and The Bankcorp Bank, Philadelphia, PA.

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