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ECSI and Heartland Campus Solutions have long, prominent histories in the higher education and the payments industries.   So, how did we become Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI?  Let’s start at the beginning.  Jack Lynch founded ECSI in March 1972 to help solve a problem faced by colleges and universities nationwide – how to effectively and efficiently service student loans.   ECSI provided their software, knowledge and expertise to many schools helping them to resolve their challenges in servicing student loans.

It was a slow but steady growth process as more and more schools implemented the ECSI solution.  In 1989, John Lynch joined his father in managing and growing the company.  In January 2000, John took the helm as Owner, President & CEO. Under his leadership, the company grew its product lines to include the additional services that we offer today and grew our client base to over 2,000 clients.


And along came Heartland ...


In December 2012, Heartland Payment Systems acquired ECSI and integrated them with the Heartland Campus Solutions division.  By incorporating ECSI with the existing Campus Solutions business structure, we created a truly single access point for all administrative and business office needs for the higher education industry.  And that is how we became Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI.


Heartland Payment Systems is a publicly traded corporation (NYSE:HPY) that opened its doors in 1997 and quickly grew into the 5th largest payment processor in the United States.  Heartland processes more than 11 million payments per day and $100 billion dollars annually.


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Heartland Payment Systems Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA, and The Bankcorp Bank, Philadelphia, PA.

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