About TuitionSelectSM

Heartland ECSI's TuitionSelectSM lets you offer families greater financial flexibility, allowing you to enroll and retain more students without sacrificing tuition dollars.


Unlike other payment plans, TuitionSelect improves your cash flow management with weekly or daily cash transfers. It also offers complete and effortless reconciliation between the plan and your Student Information System. TuitionSelect’s simple, intuitive management tools let you and your staff view program data anytime to get a clear, current view of any students’ financial status. And your friendly, highly trained Heartland ECSI customer care representative is available any time to answer questions or make adjustments to your payment plan.


The best part is students and families get an interest-free payment plan that can make college costs easier to manage. Managing a TuitionSelect account is simple --  an intuitive university-branded self-service website that allows students to enroll in TuitionSelect, calculate their payment plan budget, set up automatic payments and make budget adjustments, all on-line. One-on-one assistance is always available, of course.  Students can live chat, call, or email one of our friendly, efficient customer care representatives, cutting down on those time-consuming calls to your office.


With Heartland ECSI’s TuitionSelect, you not only get improved cash flow, streamlined payment plan management, happy students and parents, but the assurance that every account will be paid in full.


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Loan Servicing   1.888.549.3274

Past Due Student Account   1.888.549.3274

Refund Disbursement   1.855.250.3230

Tax Document   1.866.428.1098

Tuition Payment Plan   1.866.927.1438


Client Support   1.800.437.6931

Sales   1.866.841.3274